4 Essential parts of the summer villa


Summer is coming and the time to go on leave and head to the villa is getting closer. If you want to build a new summer villa or just want to improve your old one take a look at this list of essential features that a modern holiday home should definitely have. They are supported by pictures of splendid modern holiday houses that may inspire you to design your own space.

 Interior ideas for fabulous summer villa



1. Interior openness

A summer villa is usually set among a pleasant natural environment with a nice scenery. You should take advantage of that benefit and design your house as open to the outside as possible. Spacious terraces and large windows are your best option to catch all the views and the atmosphere of the surroundings. That will keep you in touch with nature at all times and remind you of the incredible summer times you are enjoying each day.

 Materials for your  summer villa



2. Natural materials

Building with natural materials sets a completely different sense of environment in any type of structure. The warm natural touch of wood and the cool stylish feel of stone are a welcome feature of any summer villa if the terrain and weather conditions allow it. It will further enhance the strong connection with nature by bringing it inside the space.

 Garden and patio of the summer villa



3. The garden

Having a garden in the outdoor space of your summer villa is definitely a must. Warm weather allows to spend a lot of time in the open and connect with nature. No matter if you’re in the mountain or the seaside the green space on the property always sets a special atmosphere that you would want to have in your home. The presence of nature fills the senses with a fresh relaxing feeling that no enclosed space is able to provide.

 Pool area of the summer villa



4. The pool area

As it gets warmer you will want to have a place in your summer villa to cool yourself in. The best way to do that is by jumping in the swimming pool in the back yard. Without a doubt the pool area is the coolest place in a holiday home both literally and figuratively. It is not just a place to find salvation from the weather but also a great gathering place that brings family and friends together.

by K.H.Hristova

Interior ideas for your summer home – fireplace and leather furniture for the living room



Interior ideas  – dining room


Exotic bedroom design for a summer home


Natural materials for the perfect summer home – wood


Wooden construction of a summer home


Cozy daybed – perfect patio furniture for the summer house


Great red patio furniture with modern design


Interesting shape of an outdoor swimming pool


Beautiful summer house with outdoor swimming pool


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