Sustainable cabin design by Fábio Galeazzo

Urban Cabin - sustainable cabin home by Fabio Galeazzo

Designer Fábio Galeazzo turns an abandoned old hut into a modern artistic home. His Urban Cabin is an interesting example of sustainable cabin design.

Located in sunny São Paulo, Brazil this small cozy building creates its own atmosphere with its new exterior and interior treatment.

Rich color palette in Urban Cabin Design

rich color palette - Urban Cabin Exterior

The roof of the cabin is covered with green thermal tiles to protect it from the heat. The existing structure of the building is not able to hold the new load and so it is replaced with a sustainable bamboo framework. The small size of the cabin and its wooden construction make it merge with its natural surroundings and remain unnoticed. Designer Fábio Galeazzo wants to avoid this lack of individuality and creates an outstanding sustainable cabin design. That is why he turns the façade and the interior space into art exhibition. The walls are painted in many differently-shaped geometrical figures in various colors filling the ordinary building with liveliness and excitement. The wall-paintings are inspired by modernist artist Tarsila do Amaral. The bold façade of this sustainable cabin design is complemented with a nautical fabric stretched outside the hut over the car parking area. There is also a barbeque area in the back. It is connected to the swivel kitchen which can be used both outdoors and indoors.

Bold colourful interior in the sustainable cabin design

rich range of colours in Urban Cabin Interior

If this artistic cabin looks like an art gallery piece among tall green vegetation from the outside, its interior is even more exciting. It has similar concept to the façade and also some additional features that complete the atmosphere of this sustainable cabin design. The inside of the building consists of a single space treated with a lot of color and vast use of wood. Some parts of the walls are treated like the exterior ones and others – in single color. Most of the furniture is oddly shaped in an artistic way. The whole place is richly decorated with various objects all in the spirit of art as well. The individuality of the living space in Fábio Galeazzo’s sustainable cabin design revives the single space housing idea in a modern innovative way.

By K.H.Hristova

Colourful Design by Fabio Galeazzo

colourful design by Fabio Galeazzo

Cozy reading corner with swing in Urban Cabin

cozy reading corner with swing in Urban Cabin

Sustainable kitchen design by Fabio Galeazzo

sustainable kitchen design in Urban Cabin

Interesting decoration in the sustainable cabin design

interior decoration in the sustainable cabin home

Extraordinary colourful dining room design

dining room deisgn -sustainable cabin home

Unusual glass coffee table – Urban Cabin Interior

unusual glass coffee table - Urban Cabin Interior

  Glass bathroom design

transparent glass bathroom - design inUrban Cabin

Bathroom in the sustainable cabin come

bathroom design in Urban Cabin by Fabio Galeazzo

Urban Cabin Lounge zone

  Urban Cabin - Lounge zone

Stone cladding of the external wall

stone extrenal wall of Urban Cabin

Strange chair design- part of the decoration in the cabin home

strange chair design - part of Urban Cabin interior

Fabio Galeazzo Design – Plan of Urban Cabin

plan of Fábio Galeazzo's Urban Cabin


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