What do we need to know about modular homes – 10 important facts

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Modular homes offer numerous options and save time and money compared to traditional construction methods. There are some important facts that we need to know about them and here we shall review them.

A modular home – what is it?

modular homes facts to know

You should bear in in mind that a modular home, also called prefab home or factory-built homes, are different from mobile homes or manufactured homes. Mobile (manufactured) homes can be moved while modular ones are built in sections on and off-site in controlled facilities. The sections can be customized and added to a plan according to the desires of the customer. The sections are then transported to the construction site. Complete sections of the modular house are placed and assembled on existing foundations by builders. Modular homes are quite different from the usual on-site buildings, although they also need to comply with certain rules and guidelines. If you have decided to opt for a modular home, you need to do a thorough research as there are many companies offering this service, but there are differences in quality, price and terms. Most important difference of modular houses is that they are completed in a few weeks and weather conditions are not so crucial for the construction and assembly.

Modular home designs and assembly


Modular homes can be customized to meet any requirement of the owner. The fact that they are pre-fabricated does not limit the design options. You can choose the style and all details in advance and personally design your house to the last detail. This means that all your preferences about flooring, interior design, cabinetry, tiles, plumbing, electricity, various finishes will be taken into account and you will have a unique home. Of course, the more complex the design, the more costly it is. The good thing is that you can conform design and budget. Pre-fab homes are built in sections and transported to the construction site where the elements are assembled. This requires the use of cranes and once assembled the homes cannot be moved.

modular home factory building

Prefab modules are built in a factory

green system homes factory built modules

 Modules are designed as per customer’s desire

factory construction of prefab homes

 Prefab modules are transported on site

modular homes transportation

The construction takes a few weeks

pre fabricated home construction

You may have a two or three levels house

modular home assembly and construction on site


custom built modular homes traditional style house architecture

Traditional style family house – prefab modules

traditional house design modular house

White facade of a prefabricated house

modular homes important facts construction

Modular houses are cost effective

modular homes design options

 Beautiful prefab house with natural stone deck

Cottage style prefabricated house

modular homes exterior design

prefabricated House ideas


stunning modular house design glass walls garden pond

Prefab Modern Modular Homes

prefabricated house design ideas

modular houses designs traditional style

wooden modular house design wooden deck outdoor furnitute

modular house exterior lawn gravel

modular house design ideas garden landscape natural stone

modular homes design ideas easy assembly

modern prefab homes design ideas

Modern modular home idea wooden deck privacy screens

luxury prefabricated contemporary homes modular house

glass walls prefabricated house design

contemporary house design modular houses

beautiful prefabricated home design

wooden houses modular home living homes

wooden house modular house ideas contemporary architecture

unconventional house design prefab modules

twin prefab modular house forest house ideas

system homes ideas important facts

prefab cabin forest house ideas

modular prefab home design stone foundation


The advantages of modular homes

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The biggest modular home advantage is a reduction in costs.  They are built quite quickly which saves costs to the builders and respectively to you.  Since the modules are built on an assembly line inside a factory, there are no delays due to weather conditions. Labor costs are uniform because there is no delay. In addition to that, the inspections take place in the factory, before the modules are transported, which saves additional time and money.


modular homes architecture and cost

modern modular house landscape

Modern modular house design and construction

contemporary modular homes design ideas minimalist style

modern modular homes design ideas

modern house architecture prefabricated houses desings

modern home design minimalist style modular home

modern home architecture prefab house minimalist style

modern green sustainable prefab home ideas

minimalist architecture modular house cost effective

important facts about prefab modular houses

modern modular house design glass walls

contemporary modular homes construction and design

contemporary house design ideas prefabricated homes

contemporary house design ideas modular houses

The most important facts that we need to know about modular homes can be summarized as follows:

kitchen island kitchen design ideas modular houses

  • Pre-fab homes cannot be moved. They are permanent structures.
  • Such homes are energy saving and eco-friendly.
  • Modular home designs have different style as well as size as per the customer requirements.
  • They can be customized to the last detail in terms of style and materials.
  • Building companies will assist you with the design.
  • It takes a few weeks to assemble the modules and complete a house.
  • Modular homes are cost effective, save time and money.


modern kitchen design customized modular home interior

Modular house dining room living room open floor plan

modular homes customized kitchen interior design white cabinets

modular home interior design wooden interior

kitchen design ideas modular houses

contemporary interior design modular house ideas

Dining room classic style prefab homes interior

modular home living room interior design

Modern living room ideas fireplace sofas

elegant living room modular homes interior design

elegant living room modular house

modern modular home bedroom design

bedroom interior design pre fab homes

bathroom design prefab homes


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