Modern Urban House by Procter-Rihl Architects

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Slice House is a modern urban house designed by London-based studio Procter-Rihl Architects. It is located in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil among the busy urban environment of the capital city.

The two-storey residence combines elements of Brazilian and British culture and has some unique features turning daily life into celebration.

Modern urban house in Brazil

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The shape of the modern urban house is asymmetrical in the spirit of European contemporary architecture but most of the building design can be linked to modern Brazilian architecture. When we look around the house we find Brazilian presence everywhere.

The house has a long and narrow shape; it is less than 5 m wide in its widest part. That unusual space is designed as an open-plan type with the separate rooms arranged to flow into one another. The middle of the modern urban house shelters a courtyard where we find a magnificent palm garden raising two floors high. It separates the building in two parts. One part holds the garage and master bedroom and the other – the living area and guest room. The two parts are connected through a hallway placed past the garden.

Exciting modern urban house design

excting colorfull interior - urban modern house

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One of the best features of the modern urban house is the swimming pool located on the second floor. Its walls are made from glass and descend to the lower level where one can see inside the pool as in an aquarium. This magnificent effect of environment mixture is an aesthetic interior innovation and a way of making interesting communication between dwellers.

The interior of the modern urban house is in modern minimalist spirit in combination with some traditional Brazilian style. The living areas have a cooler neutral look. White walls and grey floors and ceilings embrace the open-plan space which resembles a part of an office building. The bedroom area is much more warm and welcome. Save for the grey ceiling it has a very rich color palette including wood, red paint and decoration in various colors.

By K.H.Hristova

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urban house design in Brazil

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