Modern Minimalistic House by Irving Smith Jack Architects


The Mountain Range House is a modern minimalistic house situated in Brightwater, New Zealand. The residence is designed by architectural studio Irving Smith Jack Architects and the project is completed in 2009.

The design of the house makes a reference to a real mountain range achieved through the way the roof is shaped. Its shape gives the modern minimalistic house an exciting sense of mobility and frames the whole structure. The exterior’s impact is further enhanced by using glass throughout the external walls letting in as much light as possible and revealing the natural scenery all around.

Modern minimalistic house design


This modern minimalistic house is a new home for a multi-generational family. It is connected to an already existing farmhouse and pool on the site. The new building provides a two-storey living area with plenty of space and daylight inside. The first floor contains an open plan living room and kitchen area and separate media room and study. There is a wide gallery spreading across the building’s length and making a connection to the existing house, a larder, bathroom and laundry room, as well as to the carport outside. The main entrance to the modern minimalistic house is set around the middle of the gallery facing the living room.

Modern minimalistic house – interior


The gallery makes a turn to the northeast and leads out to the pool area. There is also a staircase inside that ascends to the upper level of the building. On level two is located a large en-suite bedroom with a dressing room and a double bathroom. The second floor bedroom covers only a part of the lower level leaving the rest of the modern minimalistic house by Irving Smith Jack Architects enjoying the interesting roof clad in wood. The living areas are open to the surrounding area by windows covering the whole walls even the triangular parts right below the roof slants above the beams. That way a lot of daylight can enter the place and fill the space with its warmth making the wooden floors shine and the whole atmosphere much livelier.

By K.H.Hristova

mountain home with minimalist design


modern minimalist interior


minimalist bedroom design


contemporary living room interior


cozy wooden furniture in the living room


modern lighting in the living room


black furniture in the dining room


modern minimalist architecture


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