Modern house architecture by Architect David Jameson


Architect David Jameson designs a new piece of modern house architecture on Hoopers Island, Maryland, USA where hurricane Isabel strikes in 2003. The natural disaster ravages the state’s eastern shore and after that the respective authorities proclaim that every new residence is to be built 3 feet (0,91m) above the base flood elevation. The House on Hoopers Island is elevated as required using concrete plinths; its design created according the owner’s needs and the spirit of contemporary residence architecture.

Modern house architecture by David Jameson



The house Architect David Jameson designs is a vacation home with various frequency of attendance depending on the weather conditions. That’s the reason the architects defines a set of different structures to be used on various occasions. The concept of this modern house architecture is a composition of four separate buildings connected conceptually by their exterior features. The design is inspired by the local barns and fishing huts that withstand the mighty hurricane. Each of the four independent cabins provides an individual space and can be locked down when not in use. The biggest volume – the lodge shelters the main living area.

Modern house architecture composition of four buildings


The two smaller volumes next to it are the master cabin with the master bedroom and the guest cabin. These three main parts of the modern house architecture are linked through the screen porch. There is also a long sun deck leading to the lodge with a swimming pool to the side. Near this complete composition is located the forth cabin which represents an art studio.

Interior of the modern house architecture


The exterior appearance of this modern house architecture is designed with light neutral colors so that it doesn’t dominate the landscape. The whole building is clad in metal which is combined with glass walls looking to the shore. The interior gives a tone of warmth with its wooden walls and ceilings. The furniture is minimalist as befitting contemporary residence architecture and the size of the rooms. The glass walls frame beautiful pictures of the landscape and bathe the place in natural light during the day.

By K.H.Hristova

modern minimalist house – pool


modern  minimalist design


minimalist architecture – facade


modern architecture- porch


stunning design – modern home


contemporary minimalist architecture – plan


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