Modern Design Chalet in Madrid, Spain

La Moraleja Chalet - luxury masterpiece in Spain

This home is a large modern design chalet recently built in La Moraleja, a district of Alcobendas municipality in Madrid, Spain. It covers an 875m² / 9,421f² area that includes lots of living space and quite a few special features. The home has an interesting design with an artistic approach to the façade and more contemporary minimalist look for the interior.

Modern Design Chalet – Magical in the night

La Moraleja Chalet in Spain- contemporary architecture

The landscape and the curious white, red and grey house exterior are reflected into a pool situated in the back where the modern design chalet opens to a big covered deck with a dining area and to a spacious garden. The garden space is enclosed by a row of coniferous trees creating a private atmosphere. Some palms and potted plants add variety to the picture. The lawn is divided into separate sections by paths leading throughout the garden and to the front side. There, a circular lawn offers a space for an interesting stylized flower sculpture that contributes to the modern design chalet’s artistic side.

Stunning garden in La Moraleja Chalet

stunning garden of La Moraleja Chalet

The inside of the house has plenty of space to offer. It consists of four floors and has its own elevator for faster and easier access to each one of them. The main level shelters an entrance hall, a guest bath, a large reception room, a dining room and a porch with an outside dining area. The spaces have elegant modern design with minimalist furniture. The color palette is: white, black, brown and beige in calm pastel tones. The ground floor of the modern design chalet contains a guest suite with its own entrance, a staff apartment, a cinema room, a gym and a garage. The last level has two bedroom suites, one of which is the huge master bedroom with its own dressing room and bath. There are also two more bedroom suites on the last floor that makes a total of seven bedrooms.

The nice green environment, artistic sense, and all the room for entertainment and guests, make this modern design chalet in Madrid prefect for any family.

By K.H.Hristova

Gorgeous landshaft design

La Moraleja Chalet - magnificent landshaft design

A fountain in the chalet

La Moraleja Chalet - fountain in the garden

View from the living room

La Moraleja Chalet - beautiful garden design

Luxury interior design

La Moraleja Chalet in Spain - luxury interior

La Moraleja Chalet in Spain - cozy living room

Black and white minimalist kitchen

La Moraleja Chalet - black white kitchen

Black and white interior in La Moraleja Chalet

La Moraleja Chalet - luxury black white interior

Big rooms with luxury design

La Moraleja Chalet - living room full of light

one of the bedroom in La Moraleja Chalet

Minimalist bathroom design in black and white

La Moraleja Chalet - minimalist bathroom interior

Black and red interior design in the luxury chalet

black interior design in luxury chalet

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