Japanese Minimalist House

by Edward Suzuki Architecture

minimalist house in Japan

Architectural studio Edward Suzuki Architecture based in Tokyo designs the interesting modern F residence in Kamakura, Japan. The Japanese minimalist house project represents a two-storey structure with a combined family home and office function and an inner garden in the middle. Situated in a partly commercial, partly residential area the Japanese minimalist house is closely surrounded by other buildings which means presence of a lot of neighbors and noise.

Modern japanese minimalist house design

minimalist architecture - house

garden - japanese design

Those factors premise that the design should emphasize on privacy within the house which is one of the main pursuits of the project’s concept. The other one is the client’s desire to expose his large art collection and refer the Japanese minimalist house to a museum. With those two ideas in mind the architects create a two-storey rectangular structure with a fifteen meter diameter inner green courtyard in the center.

All the rooms are arranged around the circular garden and share its views. Having placed the outdoor area in the middle the rest of the Japanese minimalist house extends to the boundaries of the 776 m² plot. The interior includes a lot of space for family, guests and work as well. The first floor holds a spacious open-plan living area with all the living room, fireplace, dining room and kitchen spaces, and also an additional Japanese guest room, a study and a garage. Every room provides a glimpse to the garden through floor-high windows and a lot of doors that leads to it.

japanese minimalist house – interior

white furniture - contemporary design

contemporary dining room design

The second floor shelters the bedroom area, a family room and a large open terrace cut in the middle in the shape of the courtyard below it. The wooden terrace provides an outdoor dining space and a lot of room for walks. The interior design of the Japanese minimalist house by Edward Suzuki Architecture is kept very clean and modern with a combination of white plaster and wooden furniture and flooring throughout the design.

By K.H.Hristova

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modern interior design- japanese minimalist house

elegant bathroom design

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white minimalist interior

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modern living room in japanese house


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