Cloud House project – additions and updates to the retro atmosphere


Cloud House project represents the idea that any old fashioned house can be updated and modified, and meanwhile, it can preserve its awesome retro atmosphere.

Take a good look at this building that could be a pattern to your own home architecture plan and will see the beautiful collaboration between the traditional and the innovative.

Cloud House project – basic information


The Cloud House project is the newest update of the Edwardian house in Fitzroy North. As a matter of fact, the Edwardian house has been modified and upgraded with new additions dozens of times, but I guess, the latest one really attracted the attention of all the architecture lovers, so we feel obliged to show it to you. The retro atmosphere is enriched with a refined style and striking flexibility of all the surrounding parts.

Cloud House project – the new look of an old lady


The Cloud House can be also defined as the new look of an old lady. The innovative architecture and exterior design trends that are used for this transformation, more specifically – the rejuvenation – are mixed with some new decors as additions to the interior design of the house premises. People, who occupy this cosmetic surgery of the building, are the architects and designers, working for the McBride Charles Ryan studio. With their professional capacity of passion, struggles for the beauty, and the newest approaches in the sphere, they have made some really great job with the Australian house.

awesome retro style interior in the Cloud House


We may divide the new additions of the Cloud House project for the Edwardian house into three groups. This kind of an architecture strategy is a continuation of the episodic transformation of the building during the years. The first addition to the house is the street fa?ade, which is left demonstrate the clients’ respect for the evolution of the character of the area. The spaces within the building are enriched with new dazzling colors. This, definitely, has helped for the deepness of the new modern and warm atmosphere.

Cloud House is actually made in a shape of a labyrinth that lead you from one to other room as you are a part of a nice colorful trip. The main zone, which shows the different paths and routes, is a brilliant red room. Next to this red box you can find the new kitchen that is modified with completely new innovative kitchen equipment and interior design style – the old Vintage is replaced with the high-tech trends.

Geometry and Symmetry in Cloud House


Architects and designers from the McBride Charles Ryan studio have added a new image to the past Cloud House facade by following the rules of the geometry and symmetry. The rounded shapes of the premises are matched with the angular forms of the furniture and the enormous rectangular swimming pool, which makes the exterior design look even more luxury and sumptuous.

amazing wooden interior design in the Cloud House


The symmetry can be observed in a way the new Cloud House is reminding of the old Edwardian house. The new decors are stressing the old fashioned idea of spaciousness and coziness in the retro dining rooms, which are organized in an old cottage style. The presence of lacquer and tiny wooden ebony boards that are arranged in a strict order brings some romance and authenticity in this warm and original environment.


Cloud House with innovative architecture


modern architecture project -The Cloud House


Edwardian house – great flower carpet


Edwardia house – front view



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