Casa Zafra – a house of geometric chaos


Casa Zafra symbolizes the controversial side of the newest architecture design ideas, where the flexibility, restriction, and seclusion are put on pedestal for the future inhabitants, who will share these ideas with their creators. The building represents a house of geometric chaos that is both – attractive and convenient. Let`s take a tour, shall we?

Casa Zafra – the abandoned architecture masterpiece


Casa Zafra is designed and constructed by the Spanish designer Eduardo Arroyo of NO.MAD Arquitectors. The photos, though, are made by an architectural photographer, who was astonished having this view in front of his eyes. What Roland Halbe was really attracted by was the refined beauty of this rustic and irregular house architecture. He has defined it as a masterpiece, which is though, abandoned in a desert area. Casa Zafra is located on a golf course in Aranjuez, Spain, and we should mention to you that this environment definitely has a dubious quality. However, the emptiness of the surrounding makes it so amazing to look this magnificent building that can react only with far away surroundings in a mysterious way.

Casa Zafra – original architecture plan


Casa Zafra is a two-storey house with, designed and constructed in a crude, but original architecture plan. The building inspired by crooked geometry and its wire-mesh fa?ade is the main element of its extra ordinary conception. See, this wire is placed and inbuilt as an obstacle for the flying golf balls. On the other side, the occupants have the ability to change the view of the surrounding environment. This is possible thanks to the mobile screens.

Contemporary  exterior design


The exterior design of the Casa Zafra is striking and practical, as well. Looking more closely at the pictures, you will see the numerous holes in the outdoor patio. These are some kinds of faults or misunderstandings. On the contrary, their idea is to catch and reflect the sunlight and bring it back to the building of the house. After the chaos of the wondering sunlight turns into a particular route, we understand the beauty of the mess that sometimes can be the most perfect organization.

You will notice that the main elements – such as steel and wooden struts and supports are constructed in parallelepiped shapes. They are gathered and constructed in weird order, but in the end the result we see is more than impressive. The reflected sunlight, the artificial illumination, and the rustic environment enrich the charm behind the facade of Casa Zafra architecture design idea.

Casa Zafra – take a look inside


There are two specificities you will notice by looking inside the Casa Zafra building. The first things, of course, are the original choice of indoor furniture. Despite being situated inside the house and being separated from the deserted surrounding landscapes with the wire-styled steel walls, the furniture creates the illusion it is a part of the rustic yard. Simple, but elegant, they are also match the geometric chaos as the main conception behind the architecture plan.

The main decor in the Casa Zafra interior design idea is the set of exotic cactuses. They are placed as a part of indoor botanical garden and creates the impression that they are only alive creatures in the surroundings.


Contemporary interior – bathroom


modern architecture with striking design


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