Small apartment interior design in Stockholm

Small apartment interior design

This compact one-bedroom apartment is set in central Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. It is located in an old building from 1906 that has its vintage look integrated in the small apartment interior design. The place consisting of a living room, kitchen and bedroom takes a total area of only 64 m² / 690 f² and is currently for sale for the not modest price of over half million US dollars.

Brick wall decoration idea


On first sight the Swedish apartment impresses with the unpretentious mixture of modern design and some old school design features. The result is a moderately modern small apartment interior design with an authentic sense of times long passed. The combination of styles is most expressive in the living room where late twentieth century Minimalism and early twentieth century architecture “shake hands” to unite into a curious single environment. Here one of the old building’s walls is left uncovered, its original brick construction an essential part of the room’s atmosphere, while the rest of the walls are painted in light beige. The ceiling and woodwork are white, the floor wooden and the furniture and fireplace are from past times with an authentic aged look. The modern spirit in the room is expressed through the neutral color scheme and the minimalist layout of the furniture. There’s also the presence of the modern plasma TV and works of art on the walls.

Small apartment with vintage interior design elements

Small apartment - living room design

The rest of the small apartment interior design is also built on the basis of neutral color palette and minimalist furniture. The small kitchen has old furniture mixed with modern appliances. Its walls, ceiling and cabinets are white reflecting the light coming through the single window in the room. The bedroom is quite spacious and also relies on a white minimalist modern look like the rest of the small apartment interior design. It has a set of only a few modern furniture pieces: a queen bed, a single commode and a small table for the computer. The retro feel here is achieved through the two old building’s windows and door, the curtains and the vintage cylindrical fireplace.

By K.H.Hristova

  Brick wall design

Small apartment kitchen interior design

Small apartment kitchen interior design

Kitchen design with rustic touch

Kitchen island

White vintage bathroom design

Vintage rustic bedroom interior design

Vintage fireplace in the bedroom

Bathroom design

Bathroom decoration

Terrace furniture design idea

Small aprtment design plans

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