Sculptural Concrete House in Abiko City, Japan

A Unique Design Project by Architects ‘Fuse-Atelier’

Minimalist architecture Sculptural concrete house

The couple that commissioned this project fully appreciated the beauty and versatility of concrete as a contemporary construction material.  They specifically wanted their home to resemble a gallery space to focus attention on their collection of designer furniture items.

The whole house is made from reinforced concrete and the result is purely sculptural.  The architects ‘Fuse Atelier’ are the creative minds behind this project and they have embraced it as a work of art.  The site selected for this sculptural concrete house was not without problems as the foundations had to be significantly reinforced to stabilize the property on soft ground.  This challenge also directed the form that the concrete house would eventually take.

To get around this problem, contact with the soft ground was minimized and the upper structure was dramatically cantilevered. Following this the architects explain that

Modern Sculptural concrete japanese house

“…the walls in varying volumes and the roof slab were made into three-dimensional continuous slanted surface and the stress transmission was rationalized, which became a characteristic form.”

Exterior views of this distinctively sculptural concrete house show that attention is largely diverted inwards and away from the surrounding properties.  The exception to this is the large projecting window from the living area.  This points like a giant periscope away from the suburbs and out onto an open wooded area.  Pleasing views of the natural world therefore become integrated into the dominating concrete of the interior environment adding a more harmonious and tranquil air.

Sculptural concrete house

The whole interior of the house is dramatically configured as a succession of interlinked sculptural spaces.  The concrete remains exposed and becomes a sophisticated decorative feature.  The uniform neutral grey color within this sculptural concrete house is brought to life by the action of light on the multi faceted sloping walls.  Natural light is imperative to the success of this interior design.  It enters the house through irregular openings which are a seamless continuation of the angular concrete structures.

Absolutely no superfluous features or fittings distract from the fabulous sculptural concrete forms.  Apart from the designer furniture, all other elements are perfectly integrated, including the kitchen units, staircases and concealed lighting fittings.

The experience of living in this outstanding and tasteful environment must be unusual and unique, rather like inhabiting a huge fine art installation.

Living room – Ultra minimalistic design

Ultra minimalist living room design

Minimalist interior design - Small Japanese house

Minimalist architecture concrete house design

Sculptural concrete house with amazing minimalistic design

Minimalist concrete house design

Interior design in Modern small house in Japan

Concrete minimalistic interior design

Kitchen design

Minimalism everywhere in the Modern Japanese House

Wall decoration

Interior design and lighting in the Ultra minimalist house

Minimalisti interior design - living room Minimalisti interior design - living room

Minimalisti interior design - Concrete house in Japan

Minimalist Modern Sculptural concrete japanese house

Minimalist architecture small house

by Jaz

Photographer: fuse-atelier

Design team:

fuse-atelier + Musashino Art University

Published by Minimalist