The ‘Nettleton 199 Residence’ is a Most Luxurious Coastal Villa

The ‘Nettleton 199 Residence’ is a Most Luxurious Coastal Villa

This magnificent and luxurious coastal villa is located in Clifton, a suburb of Cape Town, South Africa.  The design brief for SAOTA architects was to provide a spacious residence that was open to the spectacular ocean views but also afforded privacy from neighboring properties.

  In addition the owners wanted a garden to be created on the steep mountainside.  So does the Nettleton Residence 199 live up to expectations?

The luxurious coastal villa is built into a steep mountainside

The ‘Nettleton 199 Residence’ is a Most Luxurious Coastal Villa

Poised in this apparently precarious position this spectacularly luxurious coastal villa certainly makes the most of the captivating ocean views.  In fact the clever ‘open’ architecture seems to bring the views right into the house.  Transparent glass walls reduce barriers, so that the connection between interior and exterior areas appears seamless.  The house is light filled, lofty and spacious, the extra connection with outside exaggerates this light and airy atmosphere even further.

Although built into a cliff the rear of the home opens on to the most luscious private garden.  Living areas at the highest point in the house benefit from views of this verdant foliage as well as the Atlantic Ocean.

What’s on the inside of this luxury coastal villa?

Outdoor luxury furniture - Patio Idea

This remarkable house is a show case for people with exquisite taste.  The predominantly white interior design scheme provides the perfect backdrop to display an extensive collection of art works, stylish design features and collectable furniture items.  The interior designers OKHA have integrated color, textures shapes and form flawlessly within the dramatic framework of the five storey home. The exterior scenery has become the most elaborate interior design feature.  The remaining décor, although powerful, is deliberately neutral in color providing the perfect foil to the views outside.  Vibrant color is introduced occasionally through artworks but largely the emphasis is on the pristine geometric relationships between line, shape and form.  Texture is introduced on surfaces and furnishings to vitalize the interior even further.  Adam Court of OKHA Interiors. said of the luxury coastal villa’s interior design plan that;

White modern living room furniture

“The building provides a volumetrically dramatic and dynamic interior space on a grand scale. The objective of the interior décor was to create a softer and intimate counterpoint whilst not jeopardizing the clean, geometric lines of the architecture….”

Living room furniture - white and modern

Living area - Dining table white and modern

Luxury interior design - living room

Coastal villa by SAOTA - interior design

Lounge furniture - Coastal villa by SAOTA

Luxury decoration - living room

Modern white decoration

Modern design interior design - Villa by Saota

White bedroom - art wall decoration

Art wall decoration

White living room idea

Luxury bedroom

Large white bedroom idea

Bathroom design - minimalism

Design by SAOTA Architects with interior design studio OKHA, Cape Town

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