Modern Wooden Home – Hudson Valley Country House by Fractal Construction

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Modern Wooden Home by Fractal Construction

‘Hudson Valley Country House’ – A Welcoming Timber Home

Modern Wooden Home by Fractal Construction

Not exactly a typical cozy log cabin, nonetheless the grand design of the ‘Hudson Valley Country House’ provides a welcoming refuge away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.  This spacious and modern wooden home is by Fractal Construction. Surprisingly, this imposing structure came in kit form, therefore, it was remarkably quick and efficient to erect. The whole house has been clad in timber over a modern prefabricated structure.  This gives the building its warm protective appearance and elements of rustic charm. Mellow timber structures and features are also introduced throughout the modern interior adding warmth to the contemporary decoration scheme.

Luxury wooden home in Hudson Valley

Modern architecture wooden house

Situated in upstate New York the luxurious appeal of this modern wooden home can be most fully appreciated from the inside.  Large rectilinear spaces provide the defining feature of the structure of this impressive country house.  Massive floor to ceiling windows enable daylight to flood through the contemporary decoration scheme of the interior living spaces.  This important connection between the natural landscape that surrounds the house and the interior is instantly apparent. The glorious verdant woodland scenery becomes an immediate design feature within the contemporary decoration scheme.  The emphasis on the installation of glass has produced a modern wooden home where barriers between natural and manmade elements have been reduced to a bare minimum. Illustrating this point, the pool area seems to have become part of the living room. As the designers say “A wall of folding doors can be opened entirely onto the tantalizing indoor pool that looks out to the woodlands creating an edge that blends the indoors with outdoors”

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