Living Walls Make the Ultimate Green Architecture Statement

Broadway Penthouse in New York, USA. by Joel Sanders Award winning Architect

 Broadway Penthouse apartment - Green architecture and modern design

This Broadway Penthouse project represents the ultimate in green architecture. 

The pioneering architect Joel Sanders has pushed all boundaries beyond their normal limits to unite interior and exterior spaces.  He has literally brought the garden into the interior of this fine New York apartment.

Green architecture project brings the garden into the home

  Broadway Penthouse apartment - Living space interior design

Using materials normally used with exterior landscaping, luscious planting schemes are flourishing inside this luxurious Broadway home.  Joel Sanders wasn’t content to just use a conventional array of sustainable building materials. He wanted living plants to become part of the structure and composition of this surprising apartment.  The notion of green architecture can be interpreted in a number of different ways.  In this case the greenery becomes an integral part of the fabric and atmosphere of this project.  Living with plants is undoubtedly life enhancing, their beauty is undeniable and their health giving properties well reported.  Plants clean the air that we breathe and convert carbon dioxide that we exhale into oxygen.

But in this project the interior garden also becomes vibrant walls and screens that divide the living spaces.  The open plan layout of the penthouse is very liberating, but even for the most open minded privacy is essential.  Seen here, a dramatic living screen has been planted to separate the bedroom area from the dining space.

Access to the exterior roof garden is via an open plan staircase, the glass bulkhead of this also acts as a skylight providing the essential daylight needed for the rich interior planting scheme to flourish. The unusual and ambitious inside/outside garden continues on to the roof where sedums provide a soft tactile ‘lawn’ area.

In this fresh and spacious apartment normal activities like bathing become a joy.  Imagine showering surrounded by all the flourishing plant life.  This is clearly visible through a glass dividing screen. Additionally, the back wall of the bathroom supports a number of modular plant panels.  The architect points out that; ….this living wall is yet another element that vertically links roof and interior.

Interior design scheme echoes the green architecture planting

Modern interior design - minimalist design fireplace 

In the comfortable and stylish sitting room the combination of furnishings and artworks read like the exhibits in an art gallery.  On closer inspection it is evident that the curvilinear shapes, organic forms and soft carpet textures mimic, in abstract form, the natural plant life and elements found in the garden structure.  This unique version of green architecture is in fact influencing and inspiring all aspects of the Broadway penthouse’s interior design scheme.

Minimalist design penthouse apartment

Staircase design

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Joel Sanders  

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