Thinking Inside the Box – Innovative Wooden Beach Hut

by Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects, New Zealand

Innovative design wooden Beach Hut

How much fun is this?  It’s a fully portable beach hut in a box.  The ‘brain child’ of the inventive firm Crosson Clarke Carnachan, this wooden beach hut is literally a crate on wooden runners.  Located on a perfect white sandy beach on New Zealand’s ‘Coromandel Peninsula’, this fascinating structure had to be moveable to comply with environmental protection rules.

As plain as can be, this unassuming structure hides an intriguing interior.  The heavy duty timber planking on the exterior is strong and secure but also opens up to reveal a fabulous modern beach home.  The inside is spacious, light and very comfortable.  This is a no frills approach to architecture which is also exceptionally good looking.  The functional, industrial nature of the wooden beach hut has been exploited as an important design feature.  All raw materials have been left exposed, the traditional wood stove is attractive but not ornate.  The shower and bathroom fitments are straight out of a factory setting.  Pure functionality is a thing to be celebrated in this super holiday home.

Life on the Beach – Wooden portable hut by Crosson Clarke Carnachan

Sustainable design modern architecture beach hut from woodWhat is surprising about this innovative design wooden hut is its spaciousness.  Cleverly fitted furnishings and units maximize every inch of available space so the family can relax in style.  The timber used in the construction is mellow warm and welcoming.  The natural beauty of the wood grain has been enhanced by polishing and lacquer but otherwise the interior is undecorated.  Expansive floor to ceiling shelving units have been integrated into the wooden beach hut structure as have the built in beds and access ladders between floors.  The use of wood makes the whole interior extremely warm and cozy.  The wood burning stove has a metal flue which rises through the full height of the wooden  hut to provide extra warmth in chilly seasons.  To ensure that the open plan living space remains a relaxing and spacious environment, furniture is kept simple and to a minimum.  There are no unnecessary objects or ornaments on display so unattractive clutter is avoided.

The flexibility of this innovative wooden hut is amazing, once closed up it becomes totally secure and returns to its basic crate like form, leaving passers by puzzled as to what wonderful secrets it might conceal.

 Wooden Beach Hut

Innovative design wooden mobile beach hut

Sustainable design portable beach hut

Thinking Inside the Box - Innovative Wooden Beach Hut

Sustainable design wooden hut

Sustainable design wooden and portable beach hut

Interior design of the amazing beach wooden hut

Interior design - living area of the beach hut

Interior design of the beach hut

Interior design of the beach hut

Living room design - Wooden beach hut

Living room design - Wooden beach hut

Bunk beds - Innnovative design beach hut

The bathroom in the hut

Fittings in the beach hut with modern look

Fittings in the modern beach hut with modern look

by Jaz

Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects

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