‘Dutch Hillside House’ is An Energy Efficient Contemporary Home

Pioneering Design by Denieuwegeneratie Architects

‘Dutch Hillside House’ is An Energy Efficient Contemporary Home

 Built in what was historically an agricultural site this delightful home is situated amongst hayfields and woodlands.  Rare for Holland the area is also relatively hilly. To integrate this house with the landscape this energy efficient contemporary home has been built into an artificially constructed mound. This creates visual unity with the landscape and also protects the home form extremes of weather.  Earth is an excellent form of insulation and from the north side the house is completely hidden from view. This intriguing house may be entered through a cut away section of the hill, the entrance is supported by recycled degrading scrap steel.

Energy Efficient Contemporary Home

‘Dutch Hillside House’ is An Energy Efficient Contemporary Home

 The south façade of the house presents a complete contrast to these more hidden underground areas.  Here the property opens up to embrace the landscape and views.  Large floor to ceiling glass panes maximize exposure to natural light and wonderful scenery.  The generous roof overhang provides shade or shelter depending on the season. This feature benefits the large terrace running across the full width of the energy efficient contemporary home.

 There is an elegant and friendly informality to the interior layout and decoration of this house.  As the architects say:

 “Inside the hall-like space, the rooms are stacked in a disorderly manner….”

‘Dutch Hillside House’ is An Energy Efficient Contemporary Home

Living areas are composed of a series of light timber structures, so in the future these may be altered without difficulty, this way the  interior space can develop and grow as the family’s needs change over time.

Under the projecting canopy the large living area is exposed and open plan, whereas the more private areas are tucked away in the ‘cave like’ part of the energy efficient contemporary home.  In this hidden zone the concrete retaining walls are left exposed, the construction materials such as metal roof joists and untreated wood are valued for the aesthetic appeal of their raw appearance.  In contrast individual room pods have been colorfully decorated to suit the taste of each individual occupant.

Green architecture modern house

‘Dutch Hillside House’ is An Energy Efficient Contemporary Home

Aside from its architectural beauty, this home has been designed to utilize numerous pioneering strategies in energy conservation and sustainability.  Systems designed by ‘Arup’ of Amsterdam consist of “….photovoltaics, LED lighting, wood pellet heating in combination with low temperature heating, CO2 monitored ventilation, a grey water circuit and the use of smart domotics.”  The benefit of all this technology is that the energy efficient contemporary home actually produces more energy than it uses, which is a truly remarkable achievement.  So the house isn’t just good looking, its clever too.

Text: Jaz

Design: denieuwegeneratie.nu

Photographer: Jaap Vliegenthart / John Lewis Marshall


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