Revitilising Luxury Water Front Villa

Villa by Belgian firm JUMA Architects

Designed by Belgian firm Juma Architects s these images display their luxury water front villa which is a project collaboration with Minimum Arquitectura.

 The resulting villa merges light and airy interiors with outstanding views of the  ocean.

A perfect fusion of interior and exterior is featured in this perfect luxury water front villa.  It is a sublime union which transports the imagination to a different dimension.  The minimalist architectural style of this modern duplex apartment is ideally suited to the fabulous coastal location.  The cool straight lines and shapes of the internal and eternal structures are the ideal complement to the azure blue of the ocean.  Clean and fresh as a sea breeze, this luxury water front apartment must surely be a place for rejuvenation of mind body and spirit.

A pure white palette dominates the interior and exterior décor, merging the two together.  This traditional color treatment is associated with coastal properties for good reason.  The combination of sunshine, blue sea and sky, when viewed from a framework of white, is instantly uplifting and revitalizing.  Simple but powerful white minimalist forms are composed on the terraces to invite a further fabulous connection between the ocean and the luxury water front villa.  Integrated into this terrace is a deliciously inviting swimming pool, with just the merest suggestion of a barrier separating this from the vaster expanse of the sea.  The swimming pool extends right up to the steps of the luxury water front villa making the connection complete.

Interestingly this is a renovation project which converted two existing houses on site.  The re design required major reconfiguration of the original spaces to convert these into this sublime luxury water front villa.   The interior has been completely reorganized and refurbished to create open plan rooms and maximize access to outdoor spaces.  Large glass sliding doors were installed so the gorgeous interior is as light and airy as the exterior.  The simple white design scheme has been personalized creatively by the introduction of textures and patterns on rugs throws and ultra modern furnishings.  Vivid abstract art works bring a splash of color to the plain white walls. To establish a greater blurring of the boundaries between inside and outside spaces, similar furnishings have been used throughout.

The ambience of this luxury water front villa is both harmonious and invigorating at the same time, its definitely a place to leave any worries behind as you step over the threshold.

by Jaz

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