Modern Cabin Design – A Place to Relax and Dream

By Gudmundur Jonsson Arkitektkontor of Oslo, Norway

 Photos: Jiri Havran

Modern Cabin Design – A Place to Relax and Dream

Surprisingly this delightful modern cabin design has been created for the mass production market.  The idea is that this compact but tasteful building could be sited in almost any location.  It is a simple modular prefabricated construction which would be built on site in a fraction of the time it would take to construct a regular building.  The modern cabin design incorporates a single story composed of two simple rectilinear forms.  The main body of the cabin is clad in wood to help it to blend in to any natural environment.  This is from the outside an unassuming building but its attraction is its simplicity.  Balconies and the potential of a roof terrace provide easy access to outdoor spaces for relaxing and enjoying the views.  When the weather is not so clement large glass panels allow the same views to be appreciated from the cozy interior of the modern cabin design.

Modern Cabin Design – A Place to Relax and Dream

The main living areas are housed within a pavilion type structure in the modern cabin design, this provides access to landscape views from all sides.  This more exposed zone has been organized on a fluid open plan basis.  This maximizes the use of available space and presents a streamlined harmonious appearance.  Each cabin is ready to be customized with the owner’s personal touches.  As this example shows it isn’t difficult to transform the blank canvas of the cabin’s interior into a uniquely individualized space. The more private bedrooms and bathroom areas are tucked away in a separate volume of the modern cabin design.

The concept of this modern cabin design is to provide comfortable and relaxing accommodation for people who love contact with nature and enjoy the great outdoors.  The robust nature of each modern cabin design means that it is able to withstand all weather conditions, so the owner’s leisure activities are not restricted to any particular time of the year.  Come rain or shine the modern cabin design provides the perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life.  It offers the ideal place to relax and dream.

by Jaz

Modern Cabin Design – A Place to Relax and Dream

Modern Cabin Design – A Place to Relax and Dream

Modern Cabin Design

Modern cabin design interior

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