Exotic Luxury Wooden House Design – ‘Under Pohutukawa House’

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Exotic Luxury Wooden House Design

‘Under Pohutukawa House’ is By Herbst Architects of New Zealand

Exotic Luxury Wooden House Design - ‘Under Pohutukawa House’

Herbst architects had their work cut out with this project when they were commissioned to design an exotic luxury wooden house.  When presented with the site they found it to be already fully occupied by numbers of mature Pohutukawa trees, the resulting house is directly named after these trees.  ‘Pohutukawa House’ is in Piha, New Zealand, the project is very aptly named as it was these wonderful trees that led directly to the design specification of this exotic luxury wooden house.

Reluctant to destroy the beautiful trees it was decided by Herbst Architects to integrate them into the building plan. In fact this house represents the most fabulous celebration of wood in general, not just the surrounding forest.  It is built like a shrine to timber construction and wooden sculpture.  Almost everything about the ‘Pohutukawa House’ relates to wood.  Yet, interestingly in some interior spaces there is a distinct reference to the modern trend towards industrialized design.  This exotic luxury wooden house is simply outstanding.  The lofty framework of this allows for glass inserts to provide the most stunning views of the natural environment right up to the sky.  It is positively breath taking.  However, despite the grand awe inspiring scale of this exotic luxury wooden house, the natural wood elements ensure that this home still feels welcoming and secure.  The timber constructions and diverse array of wooden art and craft elements show just how versatile wood is as a creative medium

Exotic Luxury Wooden House Design – ‘Under Pohutukawa House’

Exotic Luxury Wooden House Design - ‘Under Pohutukawa House’

One highly stimulating aspect of this exotic luxury wooden house is the marvelous sculptural quality apparent in its interior spaces.  This is largely created by the exciting formal relationships existing between the organic and controlled forms of wood, i.e. the living trees and the house itself.  Continuing this theme the architects have focused on extending the abstract sculptural manipulation of interior forms and shapes through the use of mellow wood in multiple manifestations.

These include floor to ceiling geometric wall paneling made from a very dark wood and carved to achieve a shallow surface relief.  This feature make a magnificent design statement on one wall and draws attention up to the full height of the living space in this exotic luxury wooden house.  The network of timber structures is precise, angular and makes reference to mass production and industry.  This supporting system unites all aspects of the space and casts fabulous shifting shadows on the interior.  To establish more private areas within the main framework of the house shelving units and decorative partitions are positioned to define separate areas for relaxing sleeping and working.

There is a lot more that could be said about this fabulously exotic luxury wooden house but the pictures will make up for a thousand words

By Jaz

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