New Modern Minimalist architecture house XV house

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New minimalist architecture house  XY house

Architecture by RS+ Robert Skitek

This minimalist architecture house is located near to the old town of Cracow, Poland, and it is a work of RS+ Robert Skitek. Actually, the house was constructed on the highest point of the street, and thanks to its stylish cubic form and the charming white facade, it draws all the attention. In terms of architecture, the design follows a clean geometrically line, and this gives of the minimalist architecture house a truly stylish and elegant appearance.

Modern Minimalist architecture house XY house

With regard to the interior, the minimalist architecture house offers plenty of comfortable and functional zones, such as all parts of the decor are combined so as to the space to be brighten, and to be given it a sense of spatiality. The first thing, which no doubt can impress the guests, it is the overall vision of a truly fascinating furnishing. In the layout of the living areas, the minimalistic architecture house combines style and function, presented with great finesse.

Minimalist architecture house


Modern Minimalist architecture house XY house

Visitors can expect the charm of the modern minimalist architecture to find its expression in an incredible interior and furnishing. The snowy whiteness of the walls contrasts with the dark flooring, and this stylish contrast makes the atmosphere very luxury and elegant. The floors are linked spatially, and the connection between the different floor levels is achieved thanks to elegant stairs. In addition, the details in wood and stone add more warmth in the situation, thereby making the modern minimalist architecture gets a fresh and cosy appearance.

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