Modern house architecture with spacious interiors by Cincopatasalgato

spectacular house lighting Casa Piscucha

An impressive modern house architecture – Casa Piscucha is a residential project, completed in 2012 by Cincopatasalgato.

It is situated on a hill top in Los Sueños, Santa Tecla, El Salvador, and features spacious and airy interiors. The owners desired a “summer home”  feeling with modern and elegant design.

 Nature friendly modern house architecture

modern house architecture by Cincopatasalgato

Casa Piscucha was designed to provide unobstructed views of the surrounding mountains and the Pacific Ocean. The modern house architecture impresses with a series of decks, cleverly and spectacularly organized around a central patio which serves as an entertainment area. The result is a beautiful modern home which combines comfortable living and airy space and sophisticated design. The house is especially impressive at night when the illumination transforms it to gleam with a golden light in the dark. The name of the house – Casa Piscucha- comes from the word “piscucha” which is a piece made ​​from plastic bags and thus implies the idea of a living space which gives a feeling of being “ready to fly”.

 Impressive modern house architecture

modern house architecture Casa Piscucha outdoor pool

The design of Casa Piscucha incorporates some creative design concepts. Energy and water saving ideas were integrated in the modern house architecture, including floor to ceiling windows for natural light and ventilation, waste water treatment and separate rainwater treatment, solar panel lighting, and recycled wood for the outside coating of the main room. The central courtyard is connected with the surrounding rooms. The interiors are very spacious and all main rooms offer panorama views of the surroundings and it is the roof design that gives the “ready to fly” feeling.

 house exterior design outdoor swimming pool wooden deck

 The house is designed to provide panorama views

house exterior ideas sundeck outdoor pool

The courtyard is connected to all main rooms

contemporary architecture exterior design ideas outdoor pool mountain views

Glass panels allow maximum amount of natural light

Casa Piscucha modern house architecture staircase

Contemporary living room interior

modern house architecture living room interior glass sliding doors

The glass walls allow light and unobstructed views

living room design corner sofa shaggy rug

contemporary living room interior glass walls

bedroom interior design large windows sliding doors

innovative architecture ideas by Cincopatasalgato

modern house architecture design different levels

house architecture design by Cincopatasalgato

hill house architecture Casa Piscucha

Casa Piscucha architectural plans and drawings

Casa Piscucha architectural plans-1  Casa Piscucha architectural plans-2



  Casa-Piscucha-architectural-plans-5 Casa-Piscucha-architectural-plans-6

  Casa-Piscucha-architectural-plans-7 Casa-Piscucha-architectural-plans-8





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