Contemporary architecture house The Kern Residence

Design by Semple Brown Design

Contemporary architecture house The Kern Residence

American architecture studio Semple Brown Design creates the Kern Residence in Castle Pines, Colorado, USA. The building is a large contemporary architecture house representing a connection with the natural environment and a high level of luxury. The client demands a modern and sophisticated new home similar to his loft in New York. That requirement and a series of terrain obstacles turn the project for this contemporary architecture residence into quite a challenge for the company.

The surrounding area of the site is very rich in flora. Various tree species, bushes in different colors, and ponds provide a beautiful environment for the new residence. The concept of the contemporary architecture house is not to dominate the scenery but to relate to it and compliment its natural resources. But the site has its drawbacks as well: it is long and narrow and has a considerable inclination. Those factors make the construction more difficult and the architects have to come up with an unusual approach to the building. They solve the inclination problem by designing an outdoor space leading a level down to the entrance of the contemporary architecture residence. Thus the level difference of the arriving point and the entry point is overcome. The house itself is designed to create an illusion of being smaller – a result of volume shifting and proper material use.

Contemporary architecture house

Contemporary architecture house - Kern Residence

The interior and exterior parts of the Kern Residence are designed to complement each other. They are treated with exquisite wood cladding and a lot of glass. Outside the elegant contemporary architecture residence there is a large deck used as an outdoor lounge room. It is partly sheltered by the roof slab and looks to the wild scenery ahead. Inside the contemporary architecture house’s close connection to nature can be felt as well. The large glass walls reveal framed pictures of the scenery and let in a lavish amount of daylight. The furnishing is minimalist with a classical reference in the furniture for a classy look. Sophisticated decoration and design elements complete the elegant luxurious atmosphere inside this contemporary architecture house.

By K.H.Hristova

Contemporary modern house – The Kern Residence

Contemporary architecture house The Kern Residence

Contemporary architecture house The Kern Residence

Interior design – contemporary and chic

Contemporary Interior design - Kern Residence

Living room - Design and decoration

Living room - Design and decoration

Vase as decoration in the Kern Residence

The dining room and kitchen

Contemporary dining room design and furniture

Staircase design

The bedroom interior design

Minimalist landscape design

Backyard - Launge chairs with modern design and great view

The backyard outdoor entertainment area

Interior design Contemporary house


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