Modern living in a shipping container house

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Maison Container Lille – a shipping container house


Modern living in a shipping container house – Maison Container Lille

Maison Container Lille project is a shipping container house with an original conception and a perfect construction, when it comes to stability and comfortableness. The project is made and realized by the French architect Patrick Partouche, who, as you may see, has another view to the idea of living properly and friendly with the environment. The shipping container architecture building, also, is a vanguard examble for a new industrial type of house place.

A shipping container house. It may sound a little bit odd and even inadequate at first, but a big part of the audience shares the opinion that this shipping container house is at once a great place to live in and a great way to recycle. The point is that the base idea behind the shipping container architecture Maison Container Lille is that it is made of many parts and individual construction, which used to be parts of old houses or other kinds of building.

Shipping container house – interior design


Shipping container house – interior design

Maison Container Lille by Patrick Partouche is a shipping container house project with the spark of the innovations and conceptions of the contemporary eco politic. The red building, though, is comfortable and exclusive with its inside interior design. The grey and black and white color scheme is elegant and stunning, and the delicate organization of the furniture arrangement is practical and minimalist. This shipping container architecture project is definitely something new and different for the modern architecture world.

The shipping container house Maison Container Lille is breaking the monotony with bright and funny decorating elements and motives in green (in line with the ecology and recycling theme). Meanwhile, the Maison Container Lille as an amazing container architecture project, is surrounded with rich verdure. The building is located in France, so the romance is felt in any part of this odd, but still comfortable home place.


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