Modern architecture house by Will bruder+PARTNERS

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Jarson Residence a modern architecture house by Will bruder + PARTNERS


Modern architecture house


Jarson Residence is a modern architecture house with a beautiful building construction, amazing exterior and patio, and fabulous interior design ideas implicated in each room inside the building. What make this modern architecture house so amazing and so modern are the combination of original style, best chosen materials and color schemes and, naturally, the entire presentation of luxury and awesome lifestyle.

This beautiful modern architecture house is a masterpiece that has come out of the gorgeous and eccentric portfolio of incredible projects made by the Phoenix-base studio Will bruder+PARTNERS. Completed in 2007, this minimalist architecture house project impresses with its urban and a little bit rustic construction, the extra ordinary illumination arrangement and the vanguard style of organization of the furniture and decors inside the premises.

Minimalist house design


Jarson Residence a modern architecture house by Will bruder+PARTNERS

Set, somewhere in the rocks, in the cliffs of ruins of an imaginary old and lost region of the world, the minimalist architecture house, named Jarson Residence by its creators, look like a desert place for people, who really need some peace and harmony when they are far away from their work office, the noisy and nasty metropolis city and the whole chaos of today`s busy world. Thus is how a modern architecture house can today attract your attention – with its not ordinary conception.

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