Minimalist architecture beach house by Katon Redgen Mathieson

Posted on 13/03/2012 Author: . Under: Architecture, Interior Design

Minimalist architecture beach house

Bondi Beach House by Katon Redgen Mathieson



Minimalist interior design beach house

Bondi Beach House is situated in Sydney, Australia. Like other coastal projects, this minimalist architecture beach house also has the special charm of a home, built next to the ocean. The 120m2 site is maximally utilized, to make the object a truly magnificent place, romantic and attractive, offering a direct access to the beach. It is a just a fabulous home, minimalist architecture beach house – the perfect place to relax.




The minimalist architecture beach house has four levels, which include exclusive residential areas, such as comfortable bedrooms / one of them has access to the courtyard, and the other, to the beach /, also and a master bedroom, as and kitchen and living areas, and an amazing terrace beautiful view. Elegant marble stairs designed with lots of style and fantasy, can take you to the kitchen of the minimalist architecture beach house, where every corner offers a contemporary interior, classy, and smart.

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