Luxury house design – The Temple Hills Residence in California

Sustainable Luxury House Design by Schola Architecture


Luxury house design – The Temple Hills Residence in California

Enviably situated by the ocean in Laguna Beach, California, this luxury house design has been constructed to following the natural contours of its hillside location.

Schola Architecture’ has created an eye catching design that is pleasingly staggered to integrate with the landscape. The house hugs the steep slope and the rectilinear volumes of the composition are arranged in a pleasing asymmetry which combines interior and exterior spaces harmoniously.

The fundamental building technique used throughout this luxury house design is that of a traditional post and lintel construction.  Therefore, process dictates form and gives the house its distinctive angular appearance. The advantage of exploiting this method is that new additions to the house can be added simply. Annexes can be incorporated as a series of similarly formed modules, without disrupting the overall aesthetic appeal of the facades.

 Luxury house design – The Temple Hills Residence in California


Luxury house design – The Temple Hills Residence in California

The materials used are important in establishing a welcoming and homely environment within the luxury house design. As would be expected, wide use of glass is apparent throughout, so the occupants may take full advantage of the wonderful views from their hillside vantage point. Exciting textures are introduced through the use of stone and concrete, these are in light organic tones. In contrast, brushed steel features are introduced to emphasize the contemporary nature of the luxury house design. The steel railings also introduce a nautical feel which is in concord with the seaside location.

Luxury house design


Luxury house design – The Temple Hills Residence in California

Perhaps most notable is the importance placed on the use of warm toned timber.  This material is used inside and outside and creates a comfortable inviting atmosphere. The wooden features are very traditional and have a ‘homespun’ appearance which prevents this luxury home from appearing to cold and clinical.

This luxury house design has been built with an awareness of our role in protecting the world we live in.  It is eco friendly and at the heart of the house is a system which generates energy and recycles and disposes of waste in a responsible way.  After all, if you are lucky enough to live in an environment as beautiful as this, it is a natural reaction to feel a need to take care of its fragile balance.

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Luxury house design – The Temple Hills Residence in California

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