Contemporary House Design on a Palatial Scale

Midnight Pass House by DSDG Inc. Architects of Florida, USA


Contemporary house design Midnight Pass House

If the idea of living in a grand house appeals to you then you will love this feature on a spectacular contemporary house design. The ‘Midnight Pass House’ was designed by DSDG inc., and makes some obvious structural references to the historic mansion house.

The first impressions of this house are that it is dramatic to say the least.  The visitor is presented with a tall regal façade which is imposing in its grandeur but still retains a lightness and openness associated with contemporary modern architecture. A variety of powerful volumetric forms is carefully structured to achieve a harmonious and inspirational composition. The dramatic entrance is made even more splendid by a fabulously landscaped forecourt surrounded by luscious bamboo and palm tree gardens.  Extra delight is created by the inclusion of a stylish pool that is illuminated at night by real flame light features.

‘Midnight Pass House’ is superbly located in a large wooded site which provides welcome privacy. In addition, it is on the waterfront at Siesta Key with views of the water and city to the South and East. This remarkable contemporary house design has at its heart a lofty circular living room which rises expansively through two storeys. An additional living space, or den, for relaxing, is connected to this and constructed on a mezzanine off the second floor.

Contemporary house design – Midnight Pass House


Contemporary house design Midnight Pass House

The round living room is joined to the main entrance vestibule which houses the soaring industrial style steel and glass staircase. This breathtaking staircase zig zags its way right up to the massive rooftop terrace.  From this lofty vantage point views over Sarasota Bay and Downtown Sarasota can be fully enjoyed by the occupants. This contemporary house design has been made for a family who wish to take full advantage of every available space to enjoy fresh air and relaxing in contact with ‘the great outdoors’. This is maximized at the rear of the house where significant design features connect indoor and outdoor living.  This is exemplified by the installation of a double height balcony leading from rooms on the ground floor and the first floor.

The tropical location necessitates that balconies are extended from all living and sleeping areas. The architects have taken the opportunity to turn these into an extra luxurious feature of this contemporary house design.  The inclusion of so much open space throughout helps to add an elegance and weightless quality to the majestic structure. The interior of the house is also light, airy, sleek and shiny.  Modern yet classic styling is featured throughout in the furnishings and fitments.  The combination of steel, glass, polished stone and pure white interiors imbues the property with a cool, confident elegance.

This is a contemporary house design with palatial quality for those who can enjoy the very best things in life.

by Jaz

Modern house design


Modern house design with large outdoor pool


Modern house design with large outdoor pool

Contemporary House Design on a Palatial Scale


Modern house design with large outdoor pool

Living room design


Living room of the modern house with fireplace

Staircase design


Modern indoor lake as house decoration

Kitchen design


Modern contemporary kitchen design


Modern kitchen with large island and bar stools


Modern kitchen design with large island and bar stools


Metal design staircase


Metal designed staircase


Metal design staircase and interior design


Outdoor entertainment area and furniture


Plan – Midnight Pass Residence


Plan – Midnight Pass Residence


Plan – Midnight Pass Residence

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