Shipping containers modern architecture:GAD by MMW Architects

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 Modern architecture from shipping containers– GAD by MMW Architects


Shipping Containers Modern Architecture:GAD by MMW Architects

GAD is a perfect example of modern architecture. It is situated in Tjuvhomen Oslo, Norway. GAD is a semi-temporary gallery.  The basis of the gallery is made of ten steel sea containers that are covered with plywood sheets and sheetrock. All of them are painted white, which gives a stylish clean look of the inside. The shipping containers are connected with industrial ladders and stairs. The composition of the project can be disassembled and relocated easily. The construction is light and easy to assemble again.  This modern architecture may be light but and easy to disassemble but it is also very sustainable.


Shipping Containers Modern Architecture:GAD by MMW Architects

This modern architecture is a simple square-shaped building but that doesn’t make it trivial. On the contrary, GAD is very unique in every way. It is a beautifully designed modern building, made of high-quality light materials. The construction of the gallery is designed in a very extrovert way making the building exposed to the outdoor environment. It allows outdoor art expositions and other activities.  The containers of the modern architecture are insulated on the inside, which makes the building perfectly suitable for any kind of environment.

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