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By discovering the modern shipping containers architecture we discover new, amazing architectural possibilities. The modern shipping container was invented 50 years ago and was primarily used for shipping goods. Later, the architects found out that the containers can also be great, easy- to-build shelters.  Today they can become beautiful vacation homes, amazing condos, offices, or efficient house extensions. Modern shipping container architecture turns cheap shipping boxes into stylish, luxurious buildings.


Sea containers architecture

Containers become homes? It doesn’t seem very comfortable? Actually, the modern shipping containers architecture is all about comfort. The containers can be designed to suit the needs of every client. They can be easily stacked together, creating convenient, expansive living areas that can be assembled any way you want to.  The combinations are endless. The modern shipping containers architecture is unique, affordable, and time-saving.


Shipping containers house

The modern shipping containers architecture is a perfect solution for temporary homes or office buildings. The office areas can be designed in modern, fascinating ways and can be fully equipped. The containers can be made of recycled steel, but the constructions can also include ordinary building materials. Because the containers are designed to protect goods, the modern shipping containers architecture is resistant to any weather, mold, termites and even fire. The well-designed constructions are nearly indestructible.


Shipping containers house

Adaptive, stylish, creative, eco, and easy to build homes are the homes of the future. The modern shipping containers architecture combines all that. It is very easy to adapt to luxury, but how can a container be luxurious? Actually, these shipping containers are only the building blocks of the building. The interior design and furnishing ideas are what make the home luxurious and special. These containers allow you to expand your limits to your imagination. The modern shipping containers architecture gives us the unique ability to create beautiful homes that personify our own vision and understanding of life.
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COP15 Pavilion architecture from shipping containers


BLANCHARD BTL Advertising Agency architecture from shipping containers


Art studio built from shipping containers


Art studio built from shipping containers



Shipping container home


Shipping container guest house


Bayside marina hotel from shipping container

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