Modern architecture house: Spa Houseby Metropolis Design


When it comes to modern architecture house design ideas, Metropolis Design is one of the most famous and preferred firms that could handle all of the audience tastes, caprices and demands. They have already proved to us that they are the best experts in combining beautiful and convenient, luxury and inspiring. Designers and architects from Metropolis Design, still, are leaders in the world modern architecture.

Modern architecture house: Spa Houseby Metropolis Design


Take a look at this modern house, for example. It is a Metropolis Design project as well and it is a perfect combination of stunning and awesome design and absolutely lovely and fabulous place to stay in, live in, and relax in. Spa House by Metropolis Design is one of the best works of the agency for 2011. It is located in Hout Bay, coastal suburb of Cape Town, South Africa, this modern architecture house expresses the exotic meaning of a spa weekend.

Modern architecture house design ideas


The modern architecture house, named simply Spa House, is decorated with a lovely exterior, which welcomes you nicely in a way you cannot resist the temptation. The location of the building, itself, helps for making the ground and patio of the house look amazing and attractive. Rustic, exotic and even a little bit domestic, the inside view of Spa House symbolizes another interesting idea in these days – the idea of the odd and simple design. Spa procedures and weekend relax in this modern architecture house can be more than having fun or get rid of the everyday stress. This fairy tale starts with the swimming pool, goes through the lovely afternoon hours inside the great rooms and ends somewhere between the heaven and a dream com truth. Moreover – during most of the time spent in Spa House you will not know where exactly you are – in the suburban, on a desert island, or in a luxury modern architecture house.

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Modern house architecture

Modern house architecture

Modern house architecture

Modern house architecture

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