Minimalist style house architecture with UK sparkle and trends


Minimalist style small house architecture

Minimalist style house architecture these days has its individual features and specifications as to the region it is coming from. We may say the same statement about all the interior design ideas for the premises in the house, including the big catalog of various modern kitchen design ideas. We mention the kitchen exactly, because usually minimalism as a style is mostly difficult to be influenced in a kitchen. And if this job is done, the whole job about the minimalist house is done.


Minimalist style small house architecture

What we will follow and take a look at in this article will be the UK trends and sparkles in contemporary minimalist style house architecture, situated in London. Save for the great construction of the building and the amazing exterior, we become some very lucky witnesses of a great approach in the creation of modern kitchen design. Style and practicalness are combined here to present a dream house for living – even in a big city as London.


Minimalist style house architecture

Faceted House 1 is minimalist style house architecture with a basic accent in its indoor modern kitchen design idea. The creators of this project are the professional architects and designers, working for Paul McAneary Architects. They have finished their project, named simply but accurately Faceted House 1 back in 2009 – a year, when minimalism as a style in architecture, exterior and interior designs is already marked as most preferred and loved by the audience.


Minimalist style house architecture – kitchen design

The awesome modern kitchen design idea in this minimalist style house architecture project is marked with an enigmatic game with shapes – mostly angular and irregular. The color scheme is simple and light – white and beige are collaboration with each other in order to bring even more freshness and peaceful atmosphere. The wooden furniture is combined with elegant but convenient plastic chairs. The decoration is delicately chosen with the goal to keep the premise spacious.


Minimalist style small house design


Minimalist style modern house architecture


Minimalist style modern house architecture


Minimalist style modern house architecture


Minimalist style modern house architecture

Interior design


Minimalist small house interior design


Minimalist style small house kitchen design


Minimalist style small house kitchen design

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