Green architecture house by Yoka Sara

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Green architecture house by Yoka Sara of Indonesia

Kayo Agar House- A Contemporary Paradise on Earth

Kayo Agar House has to be one of the most sumptuous and desirable examples of modern green architecture. It is by the Indonesian architect Yoka Sara and is located in the idyllic pastoral surroundings of Cangu in Bali.  This artistic and glorious retreat was built using a wealth of natural resources in conjunction with more contemporary construction materials.  The clear intention was to create a luxurious home that was in complete visual harmony with its surroundings. The successful integration of house and environment has been largely achieved by employing elements of green architecture in combination with a system of organic curvilinear forms.

The primary relationship this house has to green architecture is in the creative and lavish use of undisguised and unrefined bamboo and wood.  These wonderful natural materials soften the clinical white concrete forms of the structure.   This in turn helps the building blend comfortably within its natural and traditional surroundings. The main house complex is built as an amalgamation of geometric forms.  At the core of the design is a rectilinear structure, additional octagonal sleeping pavilions are imaginatively linked to this.  Each of these is complete with private gardens, leisure facilities and exterior bathrooms.  Lucky guests who are invited to share this inviting example of green architecture, designed to maximize the enjoyment of this heavenly location.


Green architecture - Kayo Agar House- A Contemporary Paradise on Earth

The material links to green architecture introduce an appealing rustic element to this luxurious complex.  Contained in the central two-story pavilion are the living and dining spaces and raised over these are a studio area and roof garden.  Due to the vertical linear aspects of the design, these seem to hover weightlessly above the rest of the buildings.   Continuing the link to nature, slim white columns are used to raise parts of the house above glistening pools, therefore incorporating the element of water into the scheme of green architecture and related features

This house has been built to be enjoyed to the full, this is apparently green architecture at its most extravagant.  The interior is luxuriously styled and furnished to maximize the comfort of the occupants whilst engaged in leisurely interior activities.  However, Yoka Sara’s priorities on the exterior have been to facilitate, through the use of principles associated with green architecture, a holistic and sensual experience of the paradise that surrounds the house.

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Green architecture house by Yoka Sara


Modern architecture green house


Green architecture house


Green architecture house


Green architecture house



Green architecture house



Green architecture house by Yoka Sara


Green architecture house by Yoka Sara


Green architecture house by Yoka Sara



Green architecture house by Yoka Sara


Green architecture house by Yoka Sara


Green architecture house by Yoka Sara


Green architecture house by Yoka Sara - Dining Area


Green architecture house by Yoka Sara - Living room


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