Dynamic Modern Architecture Set in Rural Sicily.

Posted on 12/02/2012 Author: . Under: Architecture, Interior Design

Dynamic Modern Architecture Set in Rural Sicily

Villa T by Architrend Architecture


Luxury modern and minimalist architecture house in Sicily

Dramatic modern architecture wakes up the once sleepy farmlands of rural Sicily. This area is very green and uncompromisingly flat.  It is a perfect setting for showing of this dynamic contemporary build. The horizontal terrain and the eye-catching angularity of the house make a seamless geometric connection between this powerful example of modern architecture and the natural environment from which it emerges.


Modern minimalist style living room interior design

Part of the regeneration of abandoned farmland modern architecture is transforming the appearance of the Ragusa region in Sicily.  This stunning project by ‘Architrend’ remains sympathetic to local history as it incorporates visual elements referencing traditional Mediterranean homesteads. Amongst these are the white stucco walls, a dynamic sloping roof and a courtyard style complex.  Originally this area would have been dotted with walled farms each one existing in some degree of isolation. Isolation can be good as it also corresponds with privacy.  However, it can also result in a sense of being ‘cut off’. Construction techniques typically associated with modern architecture have helped to reduce any undesirable sense of remoteness in this light filled and spacious home.

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