The Brilliant Design Work of Uglyanitsa Alexander

Contemporary sea house design

Uglyanitsa Alexander is a talented Russian designer who creates fascinating interior for his client’s by using his unique ability to comprehend every style. The broadness of his abilities varies from a Croatian mansion situated on the Adriatic Sea incorporated with natural elements and rustic woodland reminiscent, to a futuristic modern urban, pop art city loft.

Modern Architecture By Uglyanitsa Alexander

Adriatic sea house interior design

With his lovely interpretation of the clients’ living style, completely satisfying their vision needs and purposes, Uglyanitsa Alexander impresses with brilliance.

This room is the perfect solution for a teenager. It has the youthful decor along with a good perspective towards the future. The modern desk and office chair, along with the innovative bookshelf and colorful contrast from the sofa and the yellow-green wall and white brick textured wall, we can surely call this a youth-design that has combined creativity and practicality.

Ocean View from Adriatic Sea House designed by Uglyanitsa Alexander

Modern design ideas by Uglyanitsa Alexander

Rattan furniture with urban decor elements that create a carefree, easygoing notion, which are beautifully contrasted by the marble walls is definitely what gives this unique sensation and feeling of being disconnected with the stressful hectic atmosphere in the city.

Stylish Living Room Design with Marble Wall by Uglyanitsa Alexander

Brilliant design work of Uglyanitsa Alexander


An indoor home spa with a lovely view towards the garden, from a floor-to-ceiling window is simply a dream-come-true, although it can be considered as luxurious addition to the house or a caprice; imagine the relaxing sensation and enjoyment after a hard day at work.  The indoor swimming pool is complimented by the brass map decor on the wall that surrounds the pool area. It is definitely a unique but very artistic idea, especially if you want to feel like the king of the world while swimming.

Indoor Swimming Pool

Contemporary design ideas by Uglyanitsa Alexander

From royal-like interior with past century elements and decorative ideas to innovative and modern solutions, Uglyanitsa Alexander has greatly contributed to the world of interior and hopefully has inspired many people to live aesthetically not just settle for convenience and simplicity.

 Modern Living Room Design in Blue and White by Uglyanitsa Alexander

Contemporary living room interior

Modern loft designed by Uglyanitsa Alexander

Loft design

Classic Luxury Bedroom Design

Stylish interior design

Kids Room Design by  Uglyanitsa Alexander  

Excellent design work of  Uglyanitsa Alexander

Luxury Living Room by  Uglyanitsa Alexander

Luxury living room

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