Design and architecture create functional residential sculptures


Design and architecture Earth House

In today’s world design and architecture continually develop and create unique residential and public buildings. The aim of the designers and architects is to make your home and office environment cozy and comfortable. In most cases, the design complements the architecture, taking into account the premises. Some owners have specific requirements and this requires changes to the existing architectural design. The most frequent changes are made in old buildings. The aim is to obtain modern premises and vision to free up, more living space. With the completion of the design and architecture are obtained spectacular art projects.


Earth House – Design and architecture create functional residential sculptures

Combining design and architecture is used both in interior and design of the facade. The buildings resemble architectural sculptures. They use fancy materials and forms. Glass and white concrete create a modern look. In some cases, external walls are sheathed in an unconventional way and gain futuristic buildings. Cladding of the facade is in harmony with the architecture of the building. Ultramodern architecture requires a modern design, while the facades of buildings in the Victorian style retain the spirit of the time. Must comply with the interior style of the overall vision of the house. Design and architecture are combined in a unique way.


Earth House – Design and architecture create functional residential sculptures

The successful symbiosis of design and architecture guarantees the cozy and comfortable rooms. Old buildings get modern and functional design good appearance after restoration. When people like the architectural plan and do not want to change the function of existing facilities, repair highlights the best. Interior designer to advise on the most appropriate furniture and colors. The idea of the specialist is to make spaces light and pleasant as to comply with the requirements and needs of people. Seats and sleeping are not placed in line between the door and window. The requirement is a sofa and armchairs are in the lightest part of the room. The same is required for the work area. The apartment is unique and people feel better when design and architecture are complementary.


Interior design of the Sculptural landscape architectue house

In modern homes are made successful projects of design and architecture as a kitchenette in a common area with living room and dining room. In this case, the interior designer combines different areas. The combination of appropriate furniture and colors creates a sense of spaciousness and light. The design uses the realities of architectural design as it emphasizes and builds. Design and architecture are inseparable.

Project by:  Jolson Architecture Interiors


Sculptural landscape architectue house


Sculptural landscape architectue house


Sculptural landscape architectue house

Interior design


Interior design of the Landscape sculptural residence – Earth House


Earh House interior design


Bedroom interior design



Landscape design


Earh House


Earh House Plan

Project by:  Jolson Architecture Interiors

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