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Modern architecture and design ideas

Once again, we have the ability to admire the outstanding works of an exceptionally talented Italian designer. His name is Matteo Thun. He was born in 1952 in Bolzano Italy.

He received his architecture degree in Florence in 1975. In 1984 he became the founder of his very own studio Matteo Thun and from 1990 to 1993 he was also The Creative Director of Swatch. During his exceptionally successful career, Matteo Thun has received many awards for his fabulous architectural and design approach. Some his most notable accomplishments were awarded with prestigious prides such as the Good Design Award in 2011 for Onto, Lifetime Achievement 2011 from Designer Magazine, Wallpaper Design 2010. These are only a few of the awards this talented designer has received throughout the years.

Architecture and design – Matteo Thun

Contemporary design

Unlike many designers, who settle in one architectural or design direction, Matteo Thun has a quite a portfolio of diverse projects that combine different traditional elements from different cultures that have inspired the designer. This is probably one of the few architects in the world that have done almost everything in the field. Some Matteo’s architectural works include, residential homes, hotels, offices, restaurants, offices and many other public places. His interior design projects include residential places, offices, restaurants and hotels.

Splendid Architecture and Design Ideas

Excellent architecture and design by Matteo Thun


Matteo Thun’s outstanding accomplishments in innovative design and futuristic architectural solutions are yet another prove that one of the best designers in the world are Italian. His significant works have set an example for many talented architects around the world. His projects are surely inspiration to all of us.

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Matteo Thun architecture and design

Having a piece of architectural or design art done by Matteo Thun is something everybody dreams of. When we are talking about the finest, most incredible, and top quality usage of materials we are talking about Matteo Thun. His projects are simply irresistible.

Modern Architecture and Design by Matteo Thun

Modern architecture and design by Matteio Thun

The Most Amazing Contemporary Architecture and Design by Matteo Thun 

Arabian luxury resort designed by Matteo Thun

The Talented Italian Designer Matteo Thun Conception of Contemporary Architecture and Design

Incinerator Salerno by Matteo Thun

Contemporary Interior Design

Milan modern interior

Classy Architecture and Design Inspired by Matteo Thun

Architecture and design by Matteo Thun



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