Introducing Italian Architect Lorenzo Bellini

Businss hotel in Rome

Architect Lorenzo Bellini is originally from Italy where he lives and works today. He has continued the family business in the design field that goes back a whole century and established an architecture studio under his own name.

The Lorenzo Bellini Associates, or LBA, provides different design services including architectural and urban planning as well as interior and product design.

 Architect Lorenzo Bellini

Hotel interior design

Architect Lorenzo Bellini and his studio have completed many projects of different nature in various parts of the world. They’ve worked in Italy and other European countries, as well as in Russia and the United Arab Emirates.

Contemporary Design by Architect Lorenzo Bellini

Crown Plaza in Rome

 Their work includes mostly projects of hotel and resort buildings which has gradually become the main focus of their work. With time the Lorenzo Bellini Associates have become well known for their hotel design by believing a simple rule.

 Hilton Airport Hotel in Rome Designed by Lorenzo Bellini

Lorenzo Bellini design ideas

They follow the philosophy that running a hotel is above all a business that aims at achieving highest possible efficiency and profit, so it needs a design solution that would ensure all this. In order to be successful in that task the company lead by architect Lorenzo Bellini pays close attention to every detail of a project by closely following the client’s goals and working together with various professionals like artists, craftsmen, manufacturers and consultants. Being constantly linked to customers and experts gives LBA a great source of information and solutions that can be applied to the project in order to make the most of it.

 Luxury Furniture Design by Lorenzo Bellini

Modern furnishings by Lorenzo Bellini

Architect Lorenzo Bellini and the Lorenzo Bellini Associates have also dedicated their work to another direction in the world of design – the creation of furniture and other products. This has turned into a necessity for their business since the innovation in hotel design has always been highly praised. The company has seen the importance to create not only a unique exterior of the building but also a custom interior that would complete the overall feel of the project.

Bedroom Design by Architect Lorenzo Bellini

Modern home interior design

 Architect Lorenzo Bellini Modern Furnishings

modern furniture design by Lorenzo Bellini1

Outdoor Furniture Design

Architect Lorenzo Bellini

 Contemporary Outdoor Furnishings by Lorenzo Bellini

outdoor furnishings by Lorenzo Bellini1


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