World architecture festival-best building 2011


World architecture festival’s – best building  2011

If you love the original modern architecture – where contemporary and odd are at – World architecture festival is your place.

The event took place in 2011, too, and moreover the audience was shown the best masterpieces in the art of architecture. Extra ordinary shapes, lovely colors and fabulous collaborations amazed the juries and although it was difficult, the experts succeeded in finding the best and gave the world architecture award for the best building in 2011 to MEDIA-ICT.

World architecture festival-best building 2011


MEDIA-ICT world architecture by latest IT trends

MEDIA-ICT was honored with the world architecture award deservedly. The building exists thanks to the great talents and the solid financial funds from The Consortium of the Zona Franca CZFB and 22 @ of Barcelona. The building of the year according to the experts in this last World architecture festival event combines an original construction with innovative infrastructure. MEDIA-ICT is operated by an interface – who may think world architecture will be influenced by the latest IT trends?!

World architecture award MEDIA-ICT

You may wonder why the world architecture is dealing with the software and computing engineering but the answer is actually too logical – we live in the epoch, when information, internet and digital technologies rule the world. It was obvious that one day they will rule our homes, too – or they will serve to us, actually, and give us the opportunity we to be the rulers of our lives, making them to be the way we want them to be. Contemporary architecture in the world follows this idea.

Contemporary architecture world festival MEDIA ICT


Contemporary architecture world festival MEDIA-ICT

So, finally we may admit that world architecture  nowadays, including the best building for the last 2012 year-MEDIA-ICT – is no longer just a complex of contemporary, fabulous, convenient, minimalistic and extra ordinary projects for buildings and constructions. This world is now full of ideas for modern ideas for perfect lifestyle. MEDIA-ICT architecture design got the juries` attention exactly because of this – it represents the conception of charisma and originality, comfortableness and novelty. Strange and beautiful, the building put a start for the new trends in architecture world.

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New trends in architecture world MEDIA-ICT


New trends in architecture world MEDIA-ICT

World architecture festival best building MEDIA-ICT


World architecture festival best building MEDIA-ICT

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