World Architecture Award 2011-Shima Kitchen


World Architecture Award 2011-Shima Kitchen

Shima Kitchen winner in World Architecture 2011 is the real proof that the contemporary architecture in the world can be both – new and old – at once.

This unique project was at first a simple idea, a practical but very ambitious idea. After months of building, decorating and organizing, it became one of the greatest things that have ever been done in the region of Tonosyotyo – a small town on the Japanese island Seto. Finally, Shima Kitchen became the most famous kitchen receiving the  world architecture award price for 2011.

 World Architecture Award 2011-Shima Kitchen by Atelier Ryo Abe


World Architecture Award 2011-Shima Kitchen by Atelier Ryo Abe

The awarded world architecture award 2011 Shima Kitchen– was at first an old vacant house. Theirs creators – ATELIER RYO ABE, Shibuya Shibuya-ku – decide that it could become an awesome artistic combo between a dining room and a kitchen. The result is more than impressive. The old wooden materials from the building that had survived were perfectly combined with a completely new exterior design and an odd roof. And thus how the architecture in the world becomes famous!

World Architecture Award-Shima Kitchen

At first, it may be an old and not wished for by anybody structure, then the world architecture experts will accept is an ultra modern, original and vanguard building. Shima Kitchen is also furnished with the finest wooden furniture – big tables and benches made by teak and bamboo wood – favorite for the Japanese nation. The pavement is covered with little decorative stones. Shima Kitchen was admitted as the most creative project in the world architecture for 2011, actually.

World Architecture Masterpiece – Shima Kitchen


World Architecture Masterpiece-Shima Kitchen

The main purpose of the world architecture masterpieces nowadays are to enrich people`s mind and culture with new ideas, interesting conceptions and a different look to the world. Shima Kitchen, also, is not a kitchen, where people cook and eat. On the contrary – designers prefer people do not do anything here but having rest, make an appointment with an old friend, sit and chat for a rest – find out how the world of architecture can change their lifestyle by bringing them joy and peace.

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World Architecture Award 2011-Shima Kitchen


World Architecture Award 2011-Shima Kitchen

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