World Architecture award 2011 for transport category


Architecture award for transport category Kurilpa Bridge

For Year 2011 Festival for world architecture did not pass the amazing architecture projects in the transport category.

The experts and the juries had the difficult task to choose the best construction or building that is closely related to the transport infrastructures around the whole planet. What they were really attracted by was the Kurilpa Bridge. This architecture masterpiece amuses with the stunning look and imports some new trends in the world architecture standards.

World architecture standards Kurilpa Bridge


World architecture standards Kurilpa Bridge

Kurilpa Bridge is an intriguing bridge that was honored with an architecture award for its stunning look, magnificent design and brilliant conception. This conception is associating with the name of Cox Rayner – an Australian architect, whose projects are truly loved and familiar to the local people. Presenting and building the project Kurilpa Bridge, are the important steps that Cox Rayner has done for making his way through the world architecture culture.

World architecture catalogue project Kurilpa

Kurilpa Bridge is an extremely outstanding part of the world architecture catalogue, which must enter the Guinness World Records` pages. Asking why, we will assure you that, yet, on this planet, there is no such a bridge constructed, built and endured. Kurilpa Bridge is, actually, the largest structure based upon the principles of the “tensegrity” – a system of balanced compressive and tensile forces – or a new, made by Cox Rayner, term in world architecture science.

Architecture award Kurilpa bridge by Cox Rayner


Architecture award Kurilpa bridge by Cox Rayner

The Australian winner in the category transport in the World architecture festival is complex and enormous enough to accommodate a whole road line, a commercial street, a place for rest – with comfortable and elegant benches – and just a space for a walk, while admiring the whole view of the city. And the city, as a matter of fact, is Brisbane. Its citizens have been enjoying the convenient and the ultra contemporary structure for a year. Now, they have an world architecture award winner, as well!

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Architecture award transport category Kurilpa Bridge


Architecture award transport category Kurilpa Bridge

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