What is architecture?


Architecture Niemeyer Center

The question of what architecture is has no single answer. Generally speaking, it’s a way of thinking, dressed in dimensional shapes.

In this sense architecture is a certain space: a materialistic and a spiritual space. But this definition does not fully answer what architecture is, because we also need to add the vision of architecture as an art form.

Architecture Guangzhou Opera House


Architecture Guangzhou Opera House

If we must seek an answer to the question what architecture is from this point of view, then we must say that it is among the absolute arts. The arts under question are thus music and architecture. They are the only two, which do not take the world to themselves only to bring it back to us completely changed, but they rather take it away completely to introduce a whole new world, which has nothing to do with the objective one. What the other arts witness from a distance, the absolute arts give directly as a beautiful experience. Thus, the question of what architecture is includes the answer – it’s an art with a specific influence.

Architecture ICD ITKE Research Pavilion

Architecture is is shaped up and changed in relation to the changes in the cultural traditions, the everyday life, the social structures, the development of technologies and being the most expensive art form – with the growth of the economy. The economic growth is always followed by splendour and volume of architectural shapes, while the more simplistic and modest decisions are characteristic of the process of stagnation. Architecture satisfies specific functions and that’s why it answers to the preferences of the social group or the referenced person.

Architecture Redcliffs Estuary


Architecture Redcliffs Estuary

A distinguishing sign of architecture as an art is the specification of its influence. Man is forced by his social nature to constantly live in the surroundings of architectural works of art. He is exposed to a constant architectural influence and that is what essentially turns architecture into a powerful object of social influence. In this sense, the answer to the question what architecture is can sound like that: it is both the creator and the result of civilization.

Text by B. Angelov

Architecture Mirror House


Architecture Mirror House

Published by Dimitar Dimitrov
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