What sustainable design is?


Sustainable Design Solar Harvest Integration Project

The question of what sustainable design is and how can it be introduced in building projecting has been on many architects’ minds in recent years.

This question is more and more often brought up to architects and designers. Using sustainable architecture products helps develop intelligent and innovative decisions, which help preserve the environment. The type of ecological thinking must be present from the early stages of product development. Energy saving characteristics help reduce energy costs. Lighting censors, automatically regulating the brightness of illumination, will help save energy. Choosing a product, whose parts are recyclable, means that it would be less harmful to the environment once it is to be thrown out. These precautions are part of the basis to what sustainable design is devised be.

Sustainable Design Project Interior


Sustainable Design Project Interior

Another good example if what sustainable design is are ecological components. Alternative materials are introduced to avoid using the ecologically hazardous materials. Using recycled materials means that natural resources would be more used more seldom, which would in turn make up for less effects on the planet’s natural cycles. A good choice for production materials is those, which are currently in immense quantities, such as common wood types: bamboo, rattan and oak, among others. The main concern is choosing materials, which are either in immense quality in nature, or are alternatively made in a way that has no harmful effects on the environment. The products themselves must be crafted through sustainable processes all the way from the basic production functions to the waste materials. Renewable energy sources are specifically useful and eliminating waste is a question, which should be put forward right from the start of design projecting. The good design should be innovative, useful, sustainable, finalised, discrete, aesthetic and most importantly friendly to the environment. That way is would be able to answer the ideas of what sustainable design is meant to be.

Text by B. Angelov

Sustainable Design Abu Dhabi’s Masdar Headquarters


Sustainable Design Abu Dhabi’s Masdar Headquarters

Sustainable Design Chinese German Eco Park


Sustainable Architecture – Chinese German Eco Park

Sustainable Design – The Core at the Eden Project


Sustainable Architecture – The Core at the Eden Project

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