What is green architecture?

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Modern and Sustainable Green Architecture

The green architecture, or the so called durable construction, has the goal of using nature in a better way, without harming it. The green architecture building has its own cycle of life, which encompasses everything – from a rough construction to the smallest detail, following the laws of comfort and rationality. The so called passive houses are like living creatures. They are oxygen-powered. Upon taking in air, they process it, releasing the used polluted air on the outside, thus keeping the temperature in the place steady and disallowing the formation of moisture in the process.

This is Green Architecture

Modern and Sustainable Green Architecture

The green architecture building is composed of natural materials, it has big windows, so that natural light can get in easier, and it uses photoelectric cells and sun batteries. This type of house is usually in the shape of a small green island, which assures a calm lifestyle, powered solely by natural energy sources. A watering system is often used for the green architecture house, which gathers and recycles the rain water, so that it becomes useful for the needs of the household. Some of the construction materials can also be recycled. The heating of a green architecture house is usually done by panels, and the cooling can even by done by the natural lower earthen temperature.

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