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Modern-House-Design -Really-Odd-Houses

Have you ever passed by a modern house design and found yourselves wandering what’s wrong with this building? Or browsed houses on the internet when you come across a picture that confuses you? The truth is that there really are some bizarre works of architects out there and it is normal to feel confused sometimes. The practical examples are numerous, and each of them is unique. No matter if these  modern houses amuse you, scare you or just confuse you, they never leave you bored and always bring some excitement in your heart.

Modern House Design – The Drusch Villa


An example of modern house design is the Drusch Villa, built in 1963 by the French architect Claude Parent. This amazing building represents a fine contemporary home that affects us with a bang. It is located in Versailles, France and belongs to a local businessman. The building differs with its unusually shaped structure that consists of a tilted concrete volume. From the outside it creates the feeling that the building has tipped over while the inside of the modern design house is completely normal, with flat floors and spacious indoor spaces, it is a simple idea and yet a very effective one, an expressive way to make an outstanding design by thinking outside the box.

Modern House Design – The Flight Of Birds


This modern house design – Flight of birds – is definitely going to be remembered for its exquisite curvy forms. Built in 2010 in Ribeira Grande, Portugal, it represents both contemporary architectural style and a fairytale look. Architect Bernardo Rodrigues who is the designer of this odd modern home aims at creating a family friendly environment that provides proper shelter from the heavy rain and winds in the area. The result is a fascinating two-floors modern house with a rooftop terrace and an exciting composition of various dynamic volumes.

Modern Design – Hemeroscopium House


Hemeroscopium house is another strong example of how confusing modern architecture can be. This residence is situated in Madrid, Spain and is built by the architects in Ensamble Studio. The main concept of the house is to define the living space through an unusual construction that implies the force of gravity. The house took a whole year to engineer and just a week to build. The outcome is a unique modern house design that looks heavier at its upper part while the lower part remains simple, light and open to the environment.

Text by K.H.Hristova

Modern House Design – Hemeroscopium House


Published by Dimitar Dimitrov