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Modern house design-architecture

Modern house design, in the era of globalization is no longer important where is the home of modern humans.

Well-established communications allow quality of life not only in cities but in smaller places. Picturesque villages attract more and more peace, tranquility and closeness to nature. Other option is if the place is close to the workplace in the city. In this case the modern house is not only a place for recreation, but a permanent home, the family makes money in public office and comes home at night in the house of the village.

Modern house design dining area


Modern house design dining area

Modern house design no way inferior to the modern home in the city, it is equipped with all high-tech devices that make life easier. The kitchen is large enough and comfortable. It has room for a table of the family. In rural house it is usually a separate room and is connected with terrace and courtyard. This allows people to eat in the garden during the warmer months. The furniture of natural materials are preferred in furniture. Modern house design in contemporary style create coziness and warmth in the living  areas.

Modern house bathroom design

In the Modern house bathrooms design are with modern interior. At least one of the bathrooms has a bath for relaxation of the family. Shower cabin with hydro panels built other equipment required in the modern bath house. Beautiful terracotta adds comfort. Living in the house of the village is usually the most spacious room with large windows. It has a family room conversations and meet friends. The furniture is low and provide more space for people. Like the kitchen, living room also has direct link with the garden. On the terrace in front of her are comfortable lounges to relax. Near the living room terrace ot the modern house is the pool in the garden.

Modern house design outdoor area


Modern house design outdoor area

It is the owners of the modern house to think about the design of guest rooms. If the building is not large enough to consider the extension side of the house. This ensures independence and peace of the family in cases where friends stay the night. From bedroom family house in the village is a wonderful view of the beautiful scenery. Large windows provide a link to the inner and outer space. Comfortable king bed is oriented toward the window and it reveals the natural picture. Chair by the bedroom window shaped corner reading interesting books. Modern house design in the village is very suitable for people with creative professions, it provides them with peace and freedom.

Text by Dani Alexandrova


Modern house design living and kitchen area

Modern house design exterior


Modern house design exterior

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