Modern House Architecture by Aum Architects

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Biscuit House Modern House Architecture by Aum Architects


Modern House Architecture by Aum Architects

This interesting modern house architecture is a residence built in Lyon, France on natural reservation ground. Originally it was forbidden to build on the place but somehow the architects manage to get a permit for the construction. The result is a neat looking two-story home of 260 m² surrounded by virgin nature and no neighboring houses at all. Biscuit Modern House Architecture may be the dream place if you want to be alone with nature while you’re at home.

Modern Architecture House


Biscuit House  Modern House Architecture by Aum Architects

The construction of this modern architecture house faces several difficulties apart from standing on restricted ground. One of them is an access problem. A path has to be made in the neighboring terrain in order to access the house as the lower part of the building site turns out to be unreachable. In order to do this the Aum Architects have to get the neighbor’s permission which is usually a long complicated process.

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