Giants in Modern Architecture – Ludwig Mies van der Rohe



The Giant in the modern architecture Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, who is an avid representative of minimalism, takes the moto ‘less is more’ to express his aesthetic view of arranging many elements in a certain building in such a way, so as to create an illusion of great simplicity. He says his buildings are made of skin and bones. His free and empty spaces bring a feeling of calmness in the chaotic city. Mies loves the large proportions and the established rhythm, created by the element pattern. The binding created by man and nature is obvious in his projects, as are the compositions with simple cubic shapes. At the same time he avoids eclectics and chaos. He also attempts to create in its modern architecture an international style, symbol of the industrial democracy.

Modern Architecture – Farnsworth House


Mies also designs modern furnishing by using contemporary technologies. The combinations between traditional materials, such as leather, with chrome constructions demonstrate his mastery as a designer. The connection between nature, shelter and the inhabitants is in the architect’s own words a wound in his house projects. He shows the world that cold materials, such as steel and glass, can create architectural works of art with a strong emotional effect. In his houses, nature and light step into the home through its glass walls.

Modern Architecture Farnsworth House Exterior


An even braver modern architecture decision is the four glass towers. They are made of steel and glass and are completely different from the brick living complexes, characteristic of this period. He applies these ideas in his next projects by using new ideas in each project, aiming to mould the urban space to the ground level. With their free spaces, these buildings are a symbol of calmness amidst the chaos of urbanization.

Modern Architecture Farnsworth House Interior


Free empty spaces with a minimalist spirit are his specific characteristic. The art museum in Berlin is a composition of steel columns and suspended ceilings with a glass covering. The space itself is divided into two parts by transparent walls. The special place of his works in the modern era is created by their minimalist appearance and modern look.

Text by B. Angelov

Modern Architecture Farnsworth House Interior


Modern Architecture – Minimalist House Design

Modern Architecture Minimalist House Design

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