What is landscape architecture?


Landscape Architecture

The question of what landscape architecture is and how it finds its use is always present when projecting a certain building.

It is nowadays very common for the space around the house to be in unison with nature. The garden shouldn’t differ from the surrounding habitat, but should instead be in harmony with it. This method of getting close to nature is understandable. It also finds its way in the projection of the scenery in the urbanized city areas. Their landscape architecture is represented by a blossoming meadow, also known as a Mauritanian meadow.

Landscape architecture project


Landscape architecture project

The blossoming meadow is an example of landscape architecture of a highly developed ecological culture and nature care. They are resilient and their maintenance does not harm the environment with a distribution of chemical substances. The blossoming meadows are a rich combination of flower, bean and grain species in rich variety. The participation of the grain species is traditionally limited, hence why they grow to a greater height, the various wild flowers growing amidst them in a rich and dynamic pattern of colour tones. The blossoming meadow as a landscape architecture is well placed within the ecologically shaped gardens or in zones with such a style.

Landscape architecture building

An even better habitat for a blossoming meadow landscape architecture is part of the green ground for public use in the suburban parks and cities. In Western Europe the blossoming meadows can be found in school yards, seaside areas, golf terrains, industrial zone formations and production zones. As an alternative option for the grass grounds, they are viewed as an opportunity to bring a part of nature closer and to serve as compensation against stress, reminiscing of the natural meadows and glades. An ecologically oriented concept and low costs for using and maintaining are another argument in favour of the blossoming meadows as the best choice for landscape architecture for the urban areas.

Landscape architecture design


Landscape architecture design

A landscape architecture, based upon resilient co-societies of local species, which are easily maintained, is one way of preserving and enlarging the species’ variety, as well as for reducing the pollution from subsoil water. They are a wonderful way of enriching the scenery by nature care. This is why blossoming meadows as a method of landscape architecture have a future. They are one of the answers as to the essence of what landscape architecture is and how it fits in the general scenery.

Text by B. Angelov

 Landscape architecture house design


Landscape architecture house design

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