Innovative design: The Bluetube Bar


Innovative design Bluetube Bar

The Bluetuve Bar is a spectacular innovative design idea and also a great low-cost solution.

Actually it represents the TUBE-IT system. It was limited to a very low budget and yet it’s amazing. It has an incredible appeal which cannot be simply overlooked. The Bluetuve Bar is actually an innovative design project by DOSE.

Innovative design Bluetube Bar by DOSE


Innovative design Bluetube Bar by DOSE

One of the best things about this innovative design is that it is very attractive. It’s definitely one of a kind. It attracts clients and makes the surrounding area much more interesting and appealing. The truth is that most innovative design ideas don’t combine practicality, style, beauty, and attractiveness all together. This one does.

Innovative design idea – Bluetube Bar

The TUBE-IT system and especially the innovative design– Bluetube Bar also include very innovative use of materials. Actually, this kind of a tube has more of an infrastructural purpose in the area of construction, but in this project it is the primary feature. The plastic clamps give a unique visual effect to the design. The layers are wrapped around an already existing building or contemporary structure. It is easy to build and it is very cheap. This is probably the most interesting, clever, and outstanding innovative design solution for a temporary bar.

Innovative design idea Bluetube Bar from DOSE


Innovative design idea Bluetube Bar from DOSE

Recently, this innovative design idea was used as a temporary bar for the annual academic festival in Porto – Queima das Fitas do Porto 2010. Well this flexible, creative design idea has an additional purpose, but it definitely makes us wonder what else it could evolve into. Exploring new ideas and using the materials in a different manner is what art is all about. And this beautiful work is simply a masterpiece. It is very creative, stylish and attractive. The design is multifunctional. The TUBE-IT system is definitely a winner.
What a great innovative design idea the Bluetube Bartruly is?

Text by Rebecca T.

Innovative design Bluetube Bar Architecture


Innovative design Bluetube Bar Architecture

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